Non Resident Alien

This is a chronicle of my tragi-comic life as a foreigner in the United States. My official status when I started school in 2004, was that of a Non-Resident-Alien and that's where the title of the blog is from. My status has changed to Resident Alien since then. My personal experiences are a unique roller coaster mundane everyday experiences for locals, but unique from the eyes of a foreigner. I started this blog to share some of my experiences beginning my third year living in this country.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Indiana Jones (Spoiler Alert)

At last!! Typical Indie movie. Loved Harrison Ford. Shia LeBeouf has come a long way since Even Stevens, and Karen Allen was a nice touch. I expected several more scenes with snakes, given Indie's obsession with the critter :D! The movie was a nice continuation of where Indie left off almost 2 decades ago! For fans like me it was much anticipated and did not disappoint. The special effects are great and keep up with newer technology while still maintaining the old school atmosphere of Indiana Jones. As usual, Indie is betrayed, put in some tough spots and gets out of them either through his cleverness or sheer luck. This time he has the help of young Shia. I was particularly looking out for the scene in the trailers where he falls into the windshield of the truck, and it was simply marvellous. The stunts were in keeping with Indie's style. The motorbike stunts were both amazing and funny at the same time. Ford is certainly older and I could not quite digest that fact that he married. Married and kids or not, I love Indie. Highly recommended. Take your teens with you and have a blast!! 


Chandni Chowk

Last week I was in Delhi on work, and took a day off to visit the famed Chandni Chowk. It is part of Old Delhi next to the Red Fort. My cousin was my guide and we had a wonderful time roaming the small streets and alleys while window shopping. Our first stop was Parathewali Galli, which means the street of Parathas (a kind of North Indian stuffed bread). Apparently at one point, this street was lined with shops selling freshly cooked Parathas. There were still a handful of these and one such shop was our first pit stop. We had about six different varieties of hot parathas (which included one with stuffed bananas) and resumed our window shopping. It is amazing how many small shops are crammed into such a small area. I am always amazed at the enterprise of these small entrepreneurs. Although we did not buy anything we had tons of street food to eat and spent a whole day browsing colourful merchandise while the shop keepers kept marketing their wares to us. I love business activity however small or big, and Chandni Chowk reinforced how much economic activity is taking place in India. The Delhi metro is quick, convenient and affordable. The metro runs underground mostly and the cars are all air conditioned and well maintained. Did I ever mention I love India!!!