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This is a chronicle of my tragi-comic life as a foreigner in the United States. My official status when I started school in 2004, was that of a Non-Resident-Alien and that's where the title of the blog is from. My status has changed to Resident Alien since then. My personal experiences are a unique roller coaster mundane everyday experiences for locals, but unique from the eyes of a foreigner. I started this blog to share some of my experiences beginning my third year living in this country.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bridge Across Forever

Lately, I have been reconnecting with friends from High School and College quite by chance. Last week, I found a high school friend online quite by chance and we spent a wonderful morning chatting (online) about old times. Today I met with another old friend quite by chance. Its always to fun to see old friends again, cause they see you and you them as you were when you first knew them. Sometimes the differences are not too many, but other times you are a different person now than you were in the past. Its always a laugh when you remember the yester-years. If not a laugh at least they bring back fond memories of a childhood long gone. Its funny how you forget so many things for a long time and a chance meeting reminds you of stuff tucked away somewhere in the deepest recesses of your mind. I guess it has something to do with associations in your head. On my way back from meeting my friend today I was reminded of this poem by Richard Bach. 

Dawn’s peaceful, luminous blue Intensified
with the day As did happiness,
Blue … bluer the bluest
White puffs of delight,
Joyover flowing,
Until sunset Wrapped us in tender pink
And we fused in a Passionate magneta goodbye,
Earth-soul and Cosmic-soul
Bursting with beauty.

When night came,
A baby moonLaughed sideways in the dark
I laughed back And thought
Partway across the world
Your sky Is filled with this same Golden laughter,
And hoped that you, Twinkling Blue Eyes,
Saw and heard,
So that somehow we three
Were joined in our gladness,
Each in our own space,
Together apart
Distance meaningless.
And I slept In a world Full of smiles
wishing u a world full of smiles -

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